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Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Gay couples, what's a relationship problem you've run in to that straight couples don't have to deal with? We're roommates and friends. Also sometimes when we're having no luck with the ladies we have sex.

It's not gay or anything, we just can't get any hot, sexy females to have sex with us. Sadly, I didn't meet anyone. Whether or not we should make a habit of wearing each others' stuff was sometimes a contentious question. My girlfriend and I have already agreed that when we move in together we're giving up on dividing the t-shirt drawer.

They're just "our shirts". I assumed sharing clothes would be higher up. This is what immediately popped into my head but most of the comments are about how shitty other people can be. Feels bad man.


My ex insisted on wearing my everything I hated it. I hated hated hated it. Had cool snakeskin loafers, stupid bf wore them, scuffed them up and totally ruined them.

Poor snakes died for nothing. Nah, not really, was imitation snakeskin but still very high end and looked amazing.


I hope this clears everything up. One lesbian comedian I remember said "It's like asking a vegetarian which vegetable represents the meat". If you're dating someone who isn't "out", it can be awkward and makes your relationship feel superficial. When I was with my last boyfriend we had to pretend to be best friends around his family.

The only plus side was that we were allowed to have sleep overs during this time. The minute he came out, no more sleepovers for me. What else do guys do on sleepovers? If you sync up it isn't so bad I guess. But my wife and I never do, we have them back to back.

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It's fucked up. Little fact about me: I think I was just trying to put two and two together since the two phenomena cycle on a similar schedule. I grew up with two sisters and we never synced. Never synced with friends either.

It is a myth. A short PubMed search gave me the two sources below to get you started. Third, thanks for the blinker examples: Fact or artifact? I do in fact live in a small zoo now. QPP moved in, previously it was reasonable: Being "behind" your straight peers in regards to relationship experience after years of being in the closet and a few years of not really accepting myself. It can feel like everyone else around you is settling down, and you're just figuring out what you want in a LTR.

Also finding some solution to getting lube on the sheets, because otherwise you will get lube on the sheets. Not to mention even if you manage to be out relatively sooner, your dating pool can still be super limited depending on where you live. When them straights couples be like 'oh we just met on the train and got talking and blah blah, or oh we just met at work and blah blah blah' and I'm like I could go to every social event in town all year and not meet a single other gay guy.

And even if you did, and you were totally compatible, you didn't realize they were gay until years later when they're now in a serious relationship and you're like "Aw fuck, how did I miss that. So much this. I was naive enough to think once I came out that I would be swept away in waves of empowerment and liberation.

That fantasy ended pretty quickly. It takes time to unpack and deal with all those years of repression and resentment.

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My friend and his boyfriend constantly had to worry about looking like a couple when we left the country. They rarely held hands when we were on vacation, except maybe in the resort. I often read Wikitravel articles for places I'd like to visit and so many of them have huge warning saying not to visit if you're LGBT, or at least don't be at all open about it, it's depressing.

I've dated people of different genders in a somewhat "progressive" area. This is one people never think of Sure people complain about PDA but for gay dating, almost everything is considered sexual.

Welcome to Reddit,

Holding hands, arms atound each other, etc. So everything you do is considered "explicit" and you have to censor it. I didn't understand this before. It didn't make sense to me why someone who seemed otherwise neutral towards queer people would suddenly have a negative reaction to innocent contact. They certainly wouldn't care if I a woman held my boyfriend's hand. I'm sorry you have to deal with that, but thank you for explaining it in a way I finally understand. I had never considered this And it happens all the time, family small talk as a meeting get started etc. I have done it myself plenty of times.

Serious question, Would there be anything to ask or say in such a scenario to make that more comfortable? Hopefully someday this is not a thing at all. Just act the same way you would if a co worker was talking about an opposite sex partner and their kids. That's seriously all we want.

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For it to not be an issue, just part of life we can speak about freely like everyone else. Not necessarily in a relationship but having to worry about if coming out to the special person would be worth it.


If we have kids, which of us gets to be dad 1? I mean, if our kids just say "hey, dad! Should they call us by our first names? Can I be "papa" and my husband "dad?

I can't tell the difference but apparently it's easy when they spend their whole lives with you. In Modern Family, the daughter of the gay couple supposedly calls her parents dad and daddy.