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I shoot roughly 18 scenes a month as a performer and about 20 as a director. I'm in a lucky position that I get to direct most of the scenes I perform in. I've been in the industry for about 13 years now, but I would say my name only got bigger once I came to America and started working for Brazzers. The exposure they get is on another level. To make it big in the industry these days you have to be able to perform, first and foremost, but a huge part of making it big in porn is marketing yourself on various social media outlets.

I fell into porn by mistake, actually.

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I was on a lads' holiday and my friends took a picture of me naked and posted it on a swingers' website. Next thing I know I'm getting contacted by a couple shooting amateur porn and they wanted me to shoot. I did my first scene in a car park and did really well. After that, the rest is history: I was contracted to them for about four years, went freelance for a year or so, then came to America and was contracted to Brazzers where I have been for the last eight years.

We didn't know who was applying for "The Sex Factor," so the first time we met the contestants was on set.

There were roughly six contestants we had to cut before we decided on the winner. As for their looks, I think porn is changing dramatically.


For the guys, it was all about giving them the tips that helped me, like not drinking caffeine before scenes. Also, if the room is cold, keep your socks on so your feet stay warm. If your feet are cold, then all of the blood rushes to your feet and not to your willy. But although these work for me, this doesn't mean they will work for everybody else. I had to edit my tips for each performer.

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I think it has to be the fake cum shots, especially the Colonel. He's a special character on the show and although he did very well, there were particular things he'd do that looked very odd on set. You have to check it out. Possibly, we have been approached. It's now in the hands of the producers. I've been very lucky in finding love with Kirsten, although I go out most days and have sex with many beautiful women, we both know it's work at the end of the day. We've been together for over five years now and have a beautiful son who is coming up to his second birthday, so she doesn't shoot anymore as she is a full-time mum.

I would let him go whatever path he wants to go, but I would warn him of the negativity that doing adult movies receives from people and restrictions it can have moving forward in life. Stay humble. So many guys come into the industry thinking they are God's gift to women and full-on sex machines. Although you may be on a Saturday night after the club, being on a porn set is a whole new animal and you never know when you could have an off day.

I would say either Danny D or a young Spanish guy called Jordi. Danny D is a fantastic performer and has a huge weapon on him -- which he knows how to use.

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He's very grounded and really cares about his work. Jordi is new and I have worked alongside him and also directed him in scenes and he's very solid. A lot of companies are reluctant to new guys, but if they have nothing to lose, they might take a punt. I'm actually pathetic at home sometimes. I have to apologize to Kirsten as I two pump chump it.

I don't have to worry about cameras and lights, so I can just enjoy myself. And sometimes, I enjoy myself a little too much. Porn can be very uncomfortable as you must be aware of the camera and make sure they are getting the right shot, as well as if there's enough light getting in so they can see. You also have to position yourself to show off the girl, ensuring she looks the best she possibly can.

I think virtual reality porn is going be the next big thing, but unfortunately for male porn stars that sucks as it's shot in POV and you can't really move.