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If you're interested, you can find more information on my profile. FlimsyOtaku Yesterday, Any peeps? I like to listen to Hollywood Undead and play War Robots with my free time. JamesOzment Yesterday, Place to talk to the same-sex gender where you can talk about daily life or simply anything else that comes to mind in our popular chat rooms.

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This is a website to make friends with no registration in best chat rooms also contains dating chat rooms. Browse profiles and find people with the same interests you or join the chat room and talk one to one with someone new. Start Chatting. Free Chat Rooms. John's posts have the confidence and urgency of one who speaks for many who must keep silent:.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT)

The struggle for equal rights has always taken place on the frontier of the legal wilderness where liberty meets power. Liberty has claimed much of that wilderness now, but the frontier always lies ahead of us The frontier of liberty may have expanded far beyond where it began, but for those without rights, it always seems on the horizon, just beyond their reach.

And the messages that stream back into John's box are mostly from kids his own age, many marooned far from urban centers for gay and lesbian youth. Such is Christopher Rempel, a witty, soft-spoken Ace of Base fan from as he puts it "redneck farmer hell. My name is Christopher and I am 15 years old. I came to terms that I was gay last summer and, aside from some depression, I'm OK.

I would like to write to someone that I can talk to about issues I can't talk about with my friends. I don't play sports very much, but I make it up in my knowledge of computers. I am interested in anybody with an open mind and big aspirations for the future. A decade ago, the only queer info available to most teens was in a few dour psychology texts under the nose of the school librarian. Now libraries of files await them in the AOL forum and elsewhere - the Queer Resources Directory alone contains hundreds - and teens can join mailing lists like Queercampus and GayNet, or tap resources like the Bridges Project, a referral service that tells teens not only how to get in touch with queer youth groups, but how to jump-start one themselves.

Kali is an year-old lesbian at a university in Colorado. Her name means "fierce" in Swahili. After mood swings plummeted her into a profound depression, Kali - like too many gay teens - considered suicide.

Her access to GayNet at school gave her a place to air those feelings, and a phone call from someone she knew online saved her life. Kali is now a regular contributor to Sappho, a women's board she most appreciates because there she is accepted as an equal. But it's a high of connection. We joke that we're posting to of our closest friends. One of the best examples of teen organizing in the last year was teens working with the Massachussets legislature to pass a law requiring gay and lesbian education in the high schools.


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If teen organizers are successful somewhere now, everyone's gonna hear about it. This is the most powerful tool queer youth have ever had. Another power that teenagers are now wielding online is their anger. Quirk maintains a gender-neutral identity online, to be an equal-opportunity sounding board for young lesbians and gay men. It used to be, 'Ick - I think I'm gay, I'll sneak around the forum and see what they're doing. The powers that be at AOL, however, have not yet seen fit to allow that space to be named by its users - the creation of chat rooms called "gay teen" anything is banned.

Until I can figure out a way to provide a safe space for them, I'm not going to put them at risk.

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