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For ur best relaxation with magic hands. Some luxury and VIP salons and spas will charge double this! Tantra VIP offers an outcall system where therapists will visit you at your hotel to deliver their services. Their rates are 1.

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  4. This m long strip of road has a lot of what look to be ordinary beer bars but where, in fact, you can find an easy pick up. They are normally pretty obvious as the girls hang around outside behaving flirtatiously and inviting men to join them inside. Image via Google Maps. Instead, there might be erotic dancers and loud music with dark lighting and plenty of comfy areas to sit.

    When picking up a freelancer, you will no doubt have to buy her a few drinks at the bar first before they decide whether or not to go with you.

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    The Sky Garden is the most popular club in Bali and attracts plenty of freelancers. Image via Wikimedia. KTVs are a popular Asian pastime and offer karaoke and bar action all in one place. They also provide hostesses who will join you in your private karaoke room or at the bar to help make sure you are in full voice. Most of the KTVs in Bali offer family-friendly entertainment but a few do offer adult services. They are pricey way to spend an evening and a night out at a KTV, including drinks but not personal services, can cost up to 2.

    They became a common sight across the region as a result of overcrowding in the larger cities and were generally used by courting couples who needed privacy from their parents and extended families who they shared homes with. Bali has many love hotels where you can pick up a cheap room for a couple of hours. They vary in quality with some offering basic accommodation and others being a more high-end, luxury boutique guesthouse.

    The price reflects what you are getting but, generally speaking, most are perfectly serviceable. If you are only using the room for one purpose then clean sheets, an en-suite and fresh towels are pretty much all you need. Staff at the love hotels are used to the sight of tourists arriving with an Indonesian girl in tow and do not ask any questions.

    Luxury love hotels can be double this rate. If you pick up a prostitute on the streets or in a club then they will often have a preferred hotel to use but if you are discerning then it is recommended that you do some research during the day so you will know where to go in advance. Swinging is a very popular activity in Bali though is mainly restricted to tourists who come to the island specifically for this purpose. If you are looking for a larger group activity then organised parties are held across Bali, generally at the weekends, and getting a ticket is not difficult.

    However, the location and address of most of these groups are not advertised to ensure the privacy of their guests. The address of most swinging events are kept private but Swing Bali guarantees that all parties are held at exclusive adult only resorts. Image via Swing Bali. You can contact one of the following groups for more information about swinging events and parties in Bali:. A last word of advice on swinging in Bali which also relates to most sexual activities and that is, discretion is an absolute must.

    Although these kinds of events are known to take place, the Indonesian authorities will take a dim view of anyone explicitly advertising, taking part in or running such events.


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    There are no strip clubs in Bali as getting naked in public is prohibited by Indonesian law. There are however erotic dancing shows and performances that you can find at the girly bars and even some KTVs. However, these are not places where you can find full nudity unlike in some of the go-go bars of Thailand.

    There are no fetish or BDSM clubs in Bali but you can find escorts that offer some of these services including FemDom, bondage and role-play. Ladyboys in Indonesia are not generally as popular as they are in Thailand but it would seem that they are more prevalent here than in Western communities, particularly in the sex industry. There are no official or central red-light districts in Bali like those you might find in Hong Kong, Thailand or Europe. However, much of the sex industry on the island operates from the Sanur area. Here you can find many of the brothel-style domestic residences from where home prostitutes operate as well as massage parlors and street hookers.

    Both are popular places to pick up bar girls as well as being a generally fruitful spot to pick up a one-night stand. Legian Street in Kuta is where the best nightlife can be found in Bali. After midnight, you can also expect the working girls to be riding mopeds around the city on the lookout for suitable single guys or groups to approach.